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Ultra Modern Glass House Architecture

Once in a while we stumble upon something that is so picture perfect that we have to pinch ourselves to make sure we are not dreaming. So here it is; a brilliantly executed glass-and-steel minimalist modern masterpiece with some finishing touches in brick and concrete.  In addition, there is some 'Barcolona Pavilion style' landscaping with a touch of Giverny as an added bonus. Talk about perfection...

New Canaan has The Philip Johnson Glass House, Plano has its Mies van der Rohe designed Farnsworth House and Palm Spring has it's equally iconic Kaufmann Desert House by Richard Neutra. But now Belgium has its equally brilliant icon; 'Woning Faes' by HVH-Architecten. This inspiring house was built in a bucolic setting near Keerbergen, in Belgium.  We have fallen head-over-heels in love with this exceptional modernist house (note we do not call it contemporary with good reason).  'Woning Faes' is a flawless and perfectly executed composition with all the right proportions that would make even Mies (the hardest to please of them all) smile from ear to ear. This house is refreshingly devoid from any distracting bells and whistles. Instead, it has a structural clarity and purity that resonates in such a strong and meaningful way. When a house uplifts the soul, in the way that the 'Woning Faes' does, it can rightly be called an architectural masterpiece.

The modernist 'Woning Faes' was created by the talented and very likable architect-team of Koen Heyvaert and Inne Van Herle from HVH-Architecten. If you are in the market for a modern house in Belgium, you will want to talk to them first! Even better, they will consider international assignments as well.  Make sure to mention 'moderndesign.org' for one complimentary consultation.

And as the light of day starts to fade away into night,
the house's minimalist pond and pool reflect the last rays of the sun.
Perhaps it is our imagination but we can hear
Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony #6 in the background.
I guess we must be in modernist heaven!