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Porsche 911 ST Special Edition

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The Porsche ‘911 ST’ special edition by Dirk Sadlowski of PS Automobile

Few cars generate as much interest as the timeless Porsche 911. Over the years, there hasn’t really been a bad one, and some models stand out. For those wanting one of the super-rare ST models, German specialist PS Automobile has the answer: a 964-based version of the famous car of an earlier decade. Dirk Sadlowski, founder and owner of German based PS Automobile GmbH, explains the philosophy behind the project: “We take the best Porsche engineering from different eras and combine it to make a modern interpretation of an all-time classic, the ST.” The new car, finished in subtle Slate Grey, was launched at Techno-Classica 2012 and the first example immediately found a buyer. The good news, though, is that a small production series is planned. 'Singer' springs to mind, but the German company promises to keeps its version closer to the original.

So how does Dirk Sadlowski and the PS team create a 911 ST? First of all, they select a 964-series donor vehicle, the penultimate air-cooled 911. This is then totally dismantled and the body fitted with the ST’s front bumper and characteristic flared front and rear wheel-arches (an ‘RS-style’ front spoiler is an option). New indicators, fog lamps and chromed headlamp surrounds are installed. The bonnet is glassfibre – as per the original ST. Other early 70s fitments include more chrome trim, polished aluminium window frames, rubber and chrome bumpers, and a classic rear grille made in aluminium. For colours, PS offers the classic non-metallic shades of the period: Slate Grey, Irish Green, Blood Orange, Grand Prix White, etc. And under the engine-cover? Several options are available to buyers, ranging from a ‘standard’ 300bhp 964 motor to a 370bhp, 3.8-litre version with larger pistons, a balanced crank and polished and ported cylinder head. The chassis also gets a thorough overhaul, with uprated dampers and springs. New brakes and the obligatory matt black/polished alloy 16in Fuchs wheels complete the picture. Inside, the trim is a throwback to the 1970s: original 911S carpeting and gearlever; sports seats; chrome door handles from the 911E; a classic-looking, but modern Becker radio.

As options, customers can specify further upgrades such as wider tires, a limited-slip differential, 911 Turbo brakes or a roll-cage. Dependent on specification, a typical PS Automobile 911 ST weighs around 1230kg. That’s a saving of some 170kg. "We felt it was important to create a car that looked beautiful, in a classic way, yet performed like a modern 911, with no penalties for everyday use," said Dirk Sadlowski.

As a guide, the price in Germany of a PS Automobile Porsche 911 ST, including a donor 964, is 136,850 euros.

Images and most of this text courtesy of 
Dirk Sadlowski of PS Automobile
Mathias Paulokat of Classic Driver.