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Foscarini Gregg Lamp


Architecture and design duo Ludovica and Roberto Palomba's new table-style Gregg lamp for Foscarini is the latest addition to the very popular series of organically-inspired lighting. Complementing the existing floor, wall, ceiling and pendant light versions, the Gregg table lamp is made of an incandescent mass of blown glass transformed into an elegant, asymmetric bubble, closer to something we might find in nature than a machine-shaped geometric form. The elegant movement of its blown glass diffuser morphs depending on the observer's point of view. Foscarini's Gregg table lamp is available in different sizes with a satin- finished white mouth-blown glass diffuser and the ceiling plate in lacquered metal. The Foscarini Gregg lamp comes equipped with a dimmer switch.

Gregg features an organic, elegant and familiar shape that does not use pure geometry as its point of reference. Gregg is a combined expression of character and simplicity, through the personality of the shape of the glass diffuser: elegant and natural, its distinguishing feature lets in its deviation from pure geometry. The varying sizes and variants available make this versatile and transverse collection ideal for all interior settings and demonstrates that a traditional material such as glass can free itself of standard solutions to provide original alternatives to a target in search of originality and style.