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Shiro Kuramata Glass Shelves #1


In 1976, Shiro Kuramata, one of the most signficant Japanese designers of 20th century modern design, started to experiment with glass and created some extraordinary icons such as the 'Glass Chair', 'Glass Shelves #1' and 'Glass Table'. The Italian manufacturer Glas Italia recently re-edited two of these minimalist pieces. Glass Shelves #1 and Glass Table are classic icons of modern furniture design worthy for any museum collection. Designed by the late Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata who is widely considered to be one of the leading forces of 20th century modern design. This is a unique opportunity to acquire timeless pieces designed by Shiro Kuramata since many of his works are no longer produced. Created by master glass artisans at the Glas Italia workshop in Macherio Italy.