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Homage to the Square

Josef Albers
Homage to the Square: Two Grays Between Two Yellows
Oil on Masonite
Albers Foundation #JAFF 1960.1.34

Leading figure of the Bauhaus movement and an accomplished designer, photographer, 
typographer, printmaker and poet, Josef Albers is perhaps best remembered for
his work as an abstract painter and theorist. 
Josef Albers favored a very disciplined approach to composition.
 While Mies van der Rohe was the founding father of minimalist abstract architecture,
Josef Albers was the leading opponent for minimalist abstract art.
 Josef Albers remains famous for the hundreds of paintings and prints 
that make up his series titled 'Homage to the Square'. In this rigorous series, begun in 1949, 
Josef Albers explored chromatic interactions with flat colored squares arranged concentrically. 
Painting usually on Masonite, he used a palette knife with oil colors and often recorded colors 
used on the back of his works.

Image Credit: Sotheby's