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Wally Sailing Yachts

Ultra Modern Wally Sailing Yachts

Luca Bassani Antivari, the utterly charming founder and president of Wally has been sailing for 40 years. Since the first custom-built yacht which he designed for his own family in 1991 he has been changing the industry. He founded Wally in 1994 to satisfy the needs of other experienced and dissatisfied yachtsmen. Under Luca's guidance Wally continues to innovate and is today the only two-time winner of the world's most important prize for industrial design, the Compasso d'Oro.

Wally was born of a passion for performance, a passion for design and a passion for the sea. Every Wally expresses these three passions in every detail. From chic and sporty motorboats through legendary racer-cruisers to magnificent 'blue ocean' sailing yachts, nothing else looks or performs like a Wally.

This passion driven approach has created a community in which topflight sailors, owners and the Wally team come together to continually push the boundaries of marine enjoyment, creating a peerless customer experience in which taking delivery is just the beginning.

Pictured above is the wonderfully streamlined Tiketitoo. This ultra modern fast cruising sloop was created by Wally in Italy and was designed by German Frers with interiors by Serena Annibaldi. It feature an carbon mast and boom and measures 27 meters (88.7') long. The perfect little sailing boat for your summer trips along the Adriatic and Côte d'Azur.