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Modern Finnish Design Sauna
Kyly by Avanto Architects

Kyly is a massive wood sauna designed by Avanto Architects from Helsinki in Finland. Kyly is an old Karelian word and means sauna or bathing. The competition entry for Habitare 09 design competition is built by simply laying massive logs over each other on a plot five by six meters resulting in an intimate composition of several spaces. Using a massive structure binds a lot of carbon dioxide. Moreover the structure is easy to dismantle and to put up again for future use. Kyly is a modern interpretation of a traditional log sauna. The sequence of spaces starts by stepping two steps away from the ballyhoo of the surroundings and entering an enclosed dressing room. A shower space is set one step further. The most intimate space is uppermost - the sauna. There is also a furo bath and an area for a fire. The smell, texture and acoustic properties of massive wood create a strong atmosphere - a calm wooden nest where Plastic Bertrand would feel quite at home (this doesn't make any sense though) > see inset below.

Image Credits: Kai Kuusisto