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Marcio Kogan Casa Cobogó

Casa Cobogó 
Marcio Kogan of Studio MK27
São Paulo, Brazil

Brazilian Modern Architecture

Casa Cobogó is a single family residence designed by São Paulo based architect Marcio Kogan of Studio MK27. Casa Cobogó has been nominated for an award in the house category for this year's world architecture festival. At the entry level, a series of floor to ceiling glass doors can be opened to provide a permeable boundary to access the adjacent enclosed courtyard garden with a beautiful naturally shaped swimming pool which doubles visually as a lake. The crisp plaster exterior is contrasted with rectangular bands of vertical wooden planks which visually continue to the ground plane to form the surrounding garden fence. a pervious mesh screen parallel the structure's outer wall may be slid along a track and closed to protect the interior spaces from the strong afternoon sunlight. at night, the patterned elevation creates the effect of a glowing jewel box when illuminated by the inner bedroom's ambient lighting. An outdoor veranda with elevated views of the sculpted lake and trees wraps around a facade formed with a continuous and modular interwoven brise-soleil designed by Austrian-born American sculptor Erwin Hauer, part of his Continue series. The organic loops of the high-gloss white Continua screen generates a series of penetrations allowing a dappled lighting quality to filter into and naturally illuminate the second floor corridor. Erwin Hauer's captivating mid-century modern wall screens were used in buildings throughout the US by the likes of Marcel Breuer, Philip Johnson, and Florence Knoll Bassett. After a long hiatus, they are now being reproduced by digital means. Marcio Kogan was thrilled to be able to use them for his latest project. Casa Cobogó is another fine example of the new wave of Brazilian modern architecture!

Image Credit: Nelson Kon, Marcio Kogan, Studio MK27