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Ultra Contemporary Architecture in Mexico

Sunset Chapel
BNKR Architects
Acapulco Mexico

Last year, after a collision with a comet in a far galaxy, a colossal crystal-shaped piece of the asteroid scientists named "BNKR" broke off and headed toward the earth.  It smashed down in Acapulco Mexico where it came to rest atop a mountain. The asteroid brought with it the building blocks of life; carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and a formerly unknown architectural crystal-like substance displaying unmistakable cubist influences.

Designed by Bunker Arquitectura (BNKR), the ultra modern Sunset Chapel looks like an just another extraterrestrial boulder from outer space. Acapulocos hills are made up of huge granite rocks piled on top of each other. In a purely mimetic endeaver, the architects conceived a futuristic building that blends in with the surrounding landscape. Sunset Chapel was the architects' first religious commission. This chapel serves two functions: the first is as a wedding chapel conceived to celebrate the first day of a couple's new life. The second purpose is diametrically opposite: to mourn the passing of loved ones. This premise was the main driving force behind the design, the two had to be complete opposites; they were natural antagonists. While the former praised life, the latter grieved death. Through this game of contrasts all the decisions were made: Glass vs. Concrete, Transparency vs. Solidity, Ethereal vs. Heavy, Classical Proportions vs. Apparent Chaos, Vulnerable vs. Indestructible, Ephemeral vs. Lasting.

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