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Living in a Bubble

Fans of the space age living environments of Logan's Run (1967) will love this futuristic living habitat. Cristal Bubble is the ultimate inflatable space age prefab house. The protected womb-like space of the Cristal Bubble is typical for the nomadic space age living environments of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Cristal Bubble creates a sheltered and protected feeling far away from the challenges of modern day life. Installation is simple. The only drawback is that electricity is required to keep the structure from deflating. Unfortunate since this would be a perfect solution for off-the-grid locations.

This space age habitat was designed by French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas for Bubble Tree in France. The designer wanted to created a pop-up space age living environment for a nomadic life style. Cristal Bubble can be placed in the middle of a forest, a mountain meadow or along the ocean...as long as you have access to electricity. It also makes a perfect sheltered observatory for mid-summer star gazing. Cristal Bubble is currently only available in France through Bubble Tree.