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Radiant Ring

Modern Jewelry Design by Inez De Rijcker

The city of Antwerp is one of my favorite cities to visit in Europe. If you are a culture snob, it is easy to fall in love. There's plenty of architecture; art nouveau buildings by Victor Horta, mid-century modern architecture by Léon Stynen (try a search on Google for his architecture); the Middelheim park with its 1950s modernist sculptures by Alexander Calder, Max Bill and Henry Moore; the most amazing restaurants and....fashion, of course. Was it not for the rain, I would even contemplate a permanent move to Antwerp. For now though, I am perfectly happy with an occasional visit. On our last trip we spotted this beautiful modernist ring, worn by one of the employees (we assume) at Dries Van Noten's flagship store, 'Het Modepaleis'. Turns out that this is a creation by the new Belgian jewelry designer Inez De Rijcker who just released her first collection under her new label: Nesha