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As the saying goes; the Shoes Maketh the Man. Fast track your wardrobe with a classic pair of timeless lace-ups or loafers hand-crafted by Kiton in Napoli Italy. The perfect touch to your Brioni suit, no doubt about it. Arguably, Kiton makes some of the best shoes that money can buy (Cortha, Delos, G&G, Gomez and Suzuki are some of the others worth checking).

Before arriving at the shoemaker's bench, Kiton ages the leather for two years underground, in a mixture of oak wood, chestnut wood and mimosa blossoms. This mixture dries the oil and closes the pores of the leather, rendering it lighter, more flexible and more highly insulating. When Kiton first began to produce shoes, it revived the ancient Neapolitan tradition of inserting a layer of bits of cork between the inner and the outer sole. Dying is the final and most fascinating stage of manufacturing shoes. Done exclusively by hand, with the shoe still on the form, it is the final touch that completes the art that is the hand-crafted Napoli-made Kiton shoe. A pair of these classic, sensible lace-ups and loafers will set you back about $3,000.

Qualità. Quando la trovo, l'involucro è superfluo...