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BMW 2002 tii

The classic 1968 BMW 2002 tii is a study in German minimalism. Produced by BMW in Germany during the years 1968 to 1976, this is a perfectly composed automobile that is both less and more. Growing up in Europe during the 1970s, I used to dream about driving this fine example of German engineering. The BMW 2002's interior design was simple, but quality materials and workmanship gave it an up-market and purposeful feel.  And as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe used to say "God is in the Details", this was certainly the case with the design of the BMW 2002.  The 2002 continues to be one of BMW's most cherished creations. Its popularity cemented the company's reputation for compact sporting sedans and served as both forerunner of the BMW 3 Series and inspiration for the new 1 Series Coupe.

Image Credits: BMW GmbH Deutschland, Andrew Yeadon for Automobile.