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Joe Colombo's Boby Office Organizer

Some things never go out of style. Although this functional organizer was designed almost half a century ago, it continues to be the best selling piece of office furniture ever designed, unequaled by others of its kind. This functional office organizer was designed by the Italian industrial designer Joe Colombo in 1968. Being himself one of Italy's leading interior designers of that time, Joe Colombo was unable to find a suitable compact, yet versatile, office organizer for his own practice. Office furniture is notoriously bland and uninspiring so in response he developed his own design; the Boby office organizer. With a design that's easy on the eyes, the Joe Colombo Boby Trolley quickly became Europe's favorite organizer. Ever since its release in 1968, it has been a staple for businesses, home offices, dentist practices, laboratories, beauty and hair salons, artists studios, architects, interior designers, etc. The best recognition came in 1977 when The Museum of Modern Art in New York included it in its permanent design collection. Unfortunately, Joe Colombo did not live to see that day. He died in 1971 at the very young age of 41. To celebrate the Boby Trolley, Nova68 has brought back most of the original models in a variety of colors.

Joe Colombo Office Organizer
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