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Ultra Modern Architecture in Belgium

Ultra Modern Architecture in Belgium
Beel and Achtergael Architecten

Ultra modern dream house in white. This exceptional masterpiece was designed by the Dutch architect firm Beel and Achtergael Architecten for a family in Belgium. The client wanted a house where he could relax in calm and privacy among his family and friends and enjoy his extensive art collection. This single-family residence houses the owners art collection with works by Anish Kapoor. In the garden is Marc Quinn's iconic Sphinx (Kate Moss) sculpture. The garage houses an impressive collection of the owner's vehicles. Furniture includes the iconic Eero Aarnio Ball Chair and Eero Saarinen Tulip Chairs and Table. The Kartell La Boheme vases serve as a color accent in the otherwise all-white space. The site for the building is on a mixed vernacular residential / light industrial street close to the clients companies offices.

Le Corbusier’s white villas such as Villa Savoye and Villa Le Lac can be seen as a perfect summary of the modern architectural vocabulary. Since then, white villas became a symbol for refined taste and good living. A perfect example is Villa V in T by Beel & Achtergael architecten, a villa stuffed with jaw-dropping contemporary art.

Situated in a busy street with several types of industries and habitation, the owner desired an architectural island. The architects answered this wish by proposing an U-shaped building: closed off to the outside world while opening up to the patio and garden. By entirely glazing the inside of the u-form, the circulation to the bedrooms and dining/ living room became part of the the social core of the house. This also includes the car-park which serves as a reception/party place when the cars sleep outside (hence the dico-ball studded ceiling).

But what's more noticeable are the artworks. The world famous Kate Moss statue by Marc Quinn overlooks the pool and patio while Anish Kapoor's mirror reflects the white interior. An interior filled with design classics, we recognize the flow coach by Belgian designer Xavier Lust mixed with all time Scandinavian classics by Eero Saarinen and Eero Aarnio.

We also have to give credits to Filip Dujardin's architectural amazing images.