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House on Orcas Island

Heliotrope Architects
House on Orcas Island, Washington, USA

We love this beautiful modern house by Heliotrope Architects. The modern interior design compliments the architecture.  Some of the modern design icons included in this house, Hans Wegner CH24 Wishbone Chairs around the dining table, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe D42 armchairs in the living room, Richard Sapper Tizio Table Lamp by Artemide and Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair in the bedroom, This 2,070 sf house is located on Orcas Island in Washington USA. The design brief called for a very low-impact, easy to maintain summer home that provides necessary programmatic functions with minimum distractions from the land and the view. The design response situates the structure among mature fir trees located directly between the beach and an upland meadow, with walls of glass opening out to both. Steel columns minimize visible structure from the interior, while metal-clad wall elements provide a bold form when seen from the exterior. The roof is vegetated, which filters rainwater that in turn is collected and stored for use in irrigation. Potable hot water and hydronic heating are aided by solar collectors on the roof, and PV panel s above the vegetable garden provide supplemental electricity. The home is intended for occupancy from May through October, and systems have been designed to zero out electricity use over the course of a full year.