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Harry Bertoia Side Chair at Paley Park

Structural Steel: Harry Bertoia Side Chair in 1953
Relaxing on a lazy summer morning, Paley Park is a modernist dream come true (image credit Eugene Kuo Photography)
Lost in Thought at Paley Park (image credit Violet Kashi)
Actor Laurence Fishbourne relaxes in William Paley Park in Midtown Manhattan (image credit Ozier Muhammed, The New York Times)
Legends of the Fall (image credit Stanley Newtwon)
Paley Park late 1960s (image credit Knoll)

Paley Park, New York City

One of our favorite modernist parks, even Ludwig Mies van der Rohe would have given his nod of approval. Paley Park is a beautiful modernist pocket park located at 3 East 53rd Street in Midtown Manhattan on the former site of the Stork Club. Designed by the landscape architectural firm of Zion & Breen, it opened May 23, 1967. This park was set aside in memory of Samuel Paley, 1875-1963, for the enjoyment of the public. Measuring 4,200 square feet, the park offers a quiet urban oasis in the midst of the bustling city by the careful use of falling water, airy trees, lightweight furniture and simple spatial organization. Key to its success is a 20-foot (6.1 m) high waterfall spanning the entire back of the park. The waterfall creates a backdrop of grey noise to mask the sounds of the city.