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Andy Warhol Mickey Mouse

Andy Warhol Mickey Mouse from 1981.

Instantly recognizable and consummately powerful, Mickey Mouse is a distinctive canvas that embodies Andy Warhol's understanding of the relationship between celebrity and consumer culture in American society. In Warhol's closely cropped, deadpan representation of Mickey Mouse, the image of carefree play and childhood innocence is
conferred with media's power to create identity and desire. As a Warhol portrait, Mickey Mouse has become more than a celluloid mouse: the canvas has entered the Warhol celebrity pantheon and has been featured in numerous international exhibitions as an important element of Andy Warhol's oeuvre. Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse is one of the most graphically and commercially powerful examples among Andy Warhol's Myths to
represent this combination of icon, logo and corporate identity symbol.

Credit: Sotheby's