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New York Crumpled City Travel Map

Map of New York City: New York Crumpled City Travel Map. Designed by Emanuele Pizzolorusso, made in Italy. Forget folding, just crumple and go with the New York City: Crumpled City Map! Crumpled City Maps are printed on lightweight, flexible material that is durable and waterproof, no folding or tearing like traditional paper maps, just stuff into your pocket, handbag, or the maps draw-string pouch! This New York City map has an easy-to-read clean, modern design with important streets, museums, galleries and monuments clearly marked and indexed. Ten Soulsights, places with a special essence, are also noted on each map. Made in Italy, Crumpled City Maps come in a gift box with a draw-string pouch for storing the map after each use. Nine popular world cities available including London, Paris, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. Map Size: 34 inch W x 23 inch H. A unique gift idea for city trippers, trip-missers, New Yorkers, Ex-New Yorkers and just about anyone else that loves the Big Apple.

Unlike traditional New York City paper maps which can be awkward to deal with, the New York City, Crumpled City Map, can be easily crammed into your pocket, backpack or the carrying pouch provided, without having to worry about refolding it along the original creases. Moreover, the Crumpled New York City map is printed on special technological material that makes it the lightest and most resistant map on market, as well as 100% waterproof which is perfect for even the most demanding New York shopping trips. The most unique map about the most unique city in the world; New York City. This New York City map provides details about a large part of the city, including streets, monuments, museums, art galleries and much more. New York City's Crumpled City map includes a sightseeing index and a list of unique Soulsights.