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Contemporary Italian Design Chair

Karim Rashid Woopy Chair: Indoor and Outdoor Chair by B-line, contemporary Italian design chair. Sleek, modern and effortlessly elegant design chair from the B-line contemporary modern furniture collection. This beautiful sculptural modern armchair was designed by Karim Rashid for B-line in Italy. The inviting fluid shape of Karim Rashid's Woopy Chair looks attractive from every angle. This modern free-flowing chair displays a form true to Karim Rashid's modern style. The Woopy Chair brings together the meaning of form and function. A versatile, lightweight, durable and generously-sized small modern armchair. The Karim Rashid Woopy Chair is available in a selection of delicious colors. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Woopy Chair is made from durable rotomoulded polyethylene. A very appealing modern armchair; for use in upscale modern homes, spa resorts, hotels, bars, etc. Each chair comes individually packaged in a box. Made in Italy.

Karim Rashid Woopy Indoor and Outdoor Chair by B-line