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Glass Pendant Light Fixtures

Classic Laboratory Modern Glass Pendant Light Fixtures. Glass pendant lamps come in all shapes and colors but these lamps in the shape of a chemist's accoutrement are truly unique.  These super beautiful glass pendant lamps were designed after classic laboratory lavoisier glass beakers. These classic laboratory glass pendant lights are hand crafted by master glass blowers. Each light fixture is made from a single piece of hand blown glass. These exquisite glass pendant lights have become instant classics with their distinctive timeless features. Very simple, but stylish and genius. A great example of contemporary modern lighting design. These beautiful masterpieces of light will be a perfect fit in any interior style. Elegant lighting, perfect for any refined interior. Suspend them above the dining table, kitchen counter, study or suspend them in groups. These lighting fixtures are also a perfect for for commercial applications including hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. Select from three different styles; each style has its own unique colors inspired by nature: smoky topaz, amethyst or gray smoke. Each pendant light features a quality ceramic socket and a 15' clear electrical cord with plug end. Height can be adjusted with an adjustable steel cable. 60 watt max. UL listed.
Classic Laboratory Modern Glass Pendant Light Fixtures