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Northpole Friends Christmas Tree Ornaments: $39.99.  These tree ornaments are so beautiful, we are tempted to keep them around year-round.

Milk Crown Porcelain Jewelry Tray for Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets: $39.99.  A beautiful way to display your jewelry.

Scandinavian Mid Century Modern Cheese Serving Platters: $180.00
Food is all about presentation and these remarkable Suomi platters will wow anyone.

Modern Scandinavian Style Menorah: $95.00.  Enjoy the festival of light with this beautiful modernist Menorah.

Modernist Silver Shimmer Branch with Glass Icicles: $499.00
Features thousands of glass beads with reflect the light.

How to Origami Crane Bird Tree Ornaments Set of 3: $49.99.  A beautiful and very elegant gift idea for everyone.

Silver Plated Manzanita Madrone Jewelry Tree: $185.00.  Highly refined and far more beautiful compared to a regular jewelry storage box.

Mozart Musical Box (well, technically it is a sphere): $99.00
Plays "Voi Che Sapete" from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Marriage of Figaro.

Porcelain Tea Light Candle Houses Set of 3: $95.00.  Sure, these may cost a bit, but they will give you a lifetime of joy.

Silverplated mistletoe adorned with opalescent glass beads: $49.99.  A kiss is the most wonderful thing and this Mistletoe will set the right mood.

Life sized (well, almost) wooden deer family: $1,390.00.  Create your own winter wonderland with this highly detailed wooden deer family.

American Robin Bird Family Decorative Felt Figurines: $49.99.  Mama Robin accompanied by two chicks is looking for a loving home for the holidays.

Dachshund Olive and Vinegar Cruets: $49.99
The most unique yet practical gift in the world!

Sculptural Brass Forest Trees Set of 6: $149.99.  Create your own modernist forest on the mantel or table.

German made Polar Bear rocking horse from Steiff: $599.00
The ultimate ride for children, soft to the touch and so adorable!

Time for some serious Monkey Business: Danish modern Bojesen Monkey: $189.99.  Don't you think the world is serious enough as it is, everyone needs to get down monkey style.

John Muir would love this tree/wood identification set: $89.99.  Future arborists of the world, this set is a must have.

Chinese Dragon Mechanical Paper Kit: $17.99.  A unique desktop sized gift idea on a budget.

Katsushika Hokusai The Great Wave Diorama: $19.99.  A classic Japanese artwork at a bargain price.

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