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Wooden Radio

As featured in the Wall Street Journal; the Magno wooden radio. Encased in eco-friendly new-growth wood and put together by hand in a farming village in Indonesia, this hefty radio has a deliciously lo-fi appearance. The body is meant to be oiled periodically, so it develops a patina over time.

Hand-crafted in an Indonesian farming village, the Magno AM/FM radio has an appealing mix of retro and modern styling. Made from new growth wood, for every tree that is used in production, a new one is planted. Its uncoated surface should be oiled periodically to encourage a deeper connection between user and object. MP3 compatible, with short wave reception. The Areaware Magno radio is a very decorative design object which will certainly compliment your home decor. This very unique radio is a great alternative to the common standard high tech gadgets, it makes a great unique gift for just about anyone.

Available from: nova68