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Mirrored Glass Side Tables

Mirrored glass Illusion tables.

Mirrored glass illusion tables.
We love these beautiful mirrored side tables. A cubist work of art which could function as an exceptional minimalist piece of modern furniture, or is it the other way around? This mirrored glass side table was designed by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud and crafted by hand at the Glas Italia workshop in Macherio, Italy. What makes these sculptural side tables even more unique is their special mirror-plated silver finish. The top of the Illusion table is made of mirror-plated glass while the sides of this table feature a degrading mirror-plated silver shade, going from a full mirror image near the top to transparent near the bottom. The stylish Illusion side table lives up to its name by giving the appearance of a fading reflection, like a Fata Morgana. A side table that appears or disappears at any given moment. This table adds a sense of mystery to a room, an illusion of a reflection.

Available from: Stardust