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Love One Another

"Menslief Ik Hou Van Je" (My dearest human being, I love you).  This message was posted everywhere in Belgium and the Netherlands during the late 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.  Image credit: donkiesjot.skynetblogs.be. 

Love one another...a message so simple...

A message with more relevance today than ever.  Be kind to one another, pass it on.

A simple yet invaluable message of "Menslief Ik Hou Van Je (My Dear Human Being, I Love You)" took Belgium and the Netherlands by storm during the late 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.  A simple yet surprisingly difficult message, even more so today.  This message of love was promoted by the Belgian humanist Phil Bosmans, who later grouped all his philosophies together into a manifesto of love and kindness, the book, "Menslief Ik Hou Van Je". More than 800,000 copies have been sold in Belgium and the Netherlands since it was published. Many decades ago, this message was everywhere.  On stickers, advertising, calendars, even cars...  Phil Bosmans convinced every reader that there will always be a new spring in the world, in every house, in every street, in every city.

Menslief Ik Hou Van Je

The book "Menslief Ik Hou Van Je" contains inspiring short stories about love, hope and compassion. A moving publication by Phil Bosmans, a simple yet kind man who fought for most of his life against modern idols (materialism, consumption, competitive spirit, selfishness). Instead, Phil Bosmans called for a more humane society where people work together, help each other, are kind to each other. This book is long overdue for a translation in English so we hope that the publishers who are reading this blog will take an interest in it and re-publish it. It truly is a treasure that should be shared with everyone. In the time being, you can purchase the original copy in Dutch on the website bol.com