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Jack Light by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Jack Lights

After a hiatus of many years, Tom Dixon re-releases a classic icon of modern design. The award winning Jack Light is part of the pantheon of timeless design objects. Tom Dixon's Jack Light is a floor lamp that can also be a stool or a trestle for a table top. Use a single piece as a unique accent piece or purchase several of them to create your own luminous light sculpture. Tom Dixon's Jack Light is a refreshing alternative to the overwhelming orthodoxy of technical lighting. Part of the Tom Dixon modern lighting collection.

Tom Dixon Jack Light

The Jack Light stems from a simple yet ingenious idea. The inspiration came from the little metal jacks of the classic childhood game. Noting how stable the metal jacks are and how well they fitted together, Tom Dixon created the hollow opaque plastic shape that could be internally illuminated while still strong enough to sit on or support a glass top.

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