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Modern Ceiling Fan Cirrus by Modern Fan Co

Modern Ceiling Fan Cirrus

We love these modern ceiling fans with their sleek modern industrial design look. The Modern Fan Cirrus fan features a simple, vertical orientation appropriate to contemporary architecture. A finite design, it’s perfect for lofts, stores and other high-ceiling applications. Direct and ambient lighting options are available.

This modern ceiling fan is made by the Modern Fan Co. The Modern Fan Co. was born of a singular intention: to design alternatives to the status quo. In doing so, we aim to produce ceiling fans that while keeping users comfortable, also address the aesthetic requirements of contemporary-minded design professionals and homeowners. Ron Rezek's career as a design entrepreneur and educator lends a rich and authentic heritage to Modern Fan and is ever present in our company culture. We design products rather than style them. Our goal is to remain above fashion and trends, and to continually provide products that are technically and artfully appealing. We produce ceiling fans that will be as relevant years from now as they are today. We hope you agree, Modern Fans are "cool by design".

Modern Ceiling Fan Cirrus