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Pop Art Chest of Drawers

Roy Lichtenstein's Interior Series Paintings have come to life.

Wrongwoods Chest of Drawers.

Art Basel Quality Furniture for your home!

Roy Lichtenstein's Pop Art Interior Painting
This modern pop-art styled chest of drawers looks like it jumped out of a Roy Lichtenstein painting!  Incredible.  Is this art imitating life or the other way around?  Grab this Art-Basel-investment-type grade piece of art furniture while it is still available.

Modern Chest of Drawers.

The new Established & Sons "Collaborations" program began with the Wrongwoods "Night Table" and "Chest of Drawers" both by British artist Richard Woods and designer Sebastian Wrong. The Wrongwoods Chest of Drawers is a unique avant-garde design, bringing together the signature printed laminates of Richard Woods with the utilitarian furniture of Sebastian Wrong. The distinctive cartoon-like prints in various color combinations give the Chest of Drawers a distinctive pop art vibe.

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