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Illustrations by Marc Boutavant

Tribute to one of the best new illustrators of our time, Marc Boutavant. Originating from Burgundy (as do the best snails in France – according to Marc) he now lives and works in Paris. With his appreciation of the finer things in life, he has often been described as the archetypal French man (even by French people).

His work springs from a wry observation of life and the interaction of his friends and children. Their quirks of personality, mannerisms and reactions to situations are transposed onto his characters. These are creatures with a full gamut of emotions. The adventures they share become the narrative tableau for this cast of companions. With so much activity in every corner, each scenario felt and imagined in detail, light hearted horror, comedy and pathos combine to form a rich narrative.

What do you most enjoy or dislike about being an illustrator?

"I'm lucky and happy doing this. I enjoy feeling and thinking this. I dislike forgetting it" Marc Boutavant.