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Around the World with MOUK

Around the World with Mouk: A Tail of Adventure
Available from Amazon.com

It is such a joy to find out that our favorite French book for children, Le Tour du Monde de Mouk, is now available in the USA (with its new translated title 'Around the World with Mouk'. A few years ago, we had to import this very special book from France, at that time it was only available in its original French edition. The book was written and illustrated by Marc Boutavant, a Parisian illustrator, graphic artist, and comic strip author. Children and adults of all ages will take much delight children in this colorful and educational trip around the world. Beautifully detailed illustrations and surprising layouts with reusable stickers mean you or your kids will spot something new every time. Filled with vibrant illustrations, search-and-find challenges, and 46 reusable stickers, this oversized book is a spectacular play space for future world travelers. And Mouk is the perfect tour guide! His journey takes him all around the world, and at every stop along the way his animal friends share fascinating tidbits about local customs. Young adventure-seekers will be amazed and amused by something new with every reading. Highly educational and super fun. C'est un livre merveilleux!

In this French import, Mouk is a busy bear with a large head and tiny body, whose world feels like a Richard Scarry/manga mashup. He joins his animal friends at a chic Parisian restaurant just before leaving on a world tour (“So basically, you are dumping us,” one catlike friend comments), visiting places like Finland, the Sahara, Japan, and New York. Every page is an explosion of activity, as assorted animals converse in speech balloons and mini-dramas unfold. For extra eye candy, the book comes with a spread of reusable stickers that can be placed onto the smooth, shiny pages. Dynamic and lots of fun.

Around the World with Mouk: A Tail of Adventure
Available from Amazon.com:

Around the World with Mouk