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Power of Photoshop

Today we received the latest catalog from DWR (image on left) and West Elm (image on right).  See any similarities?   Question: is Williams-Sonoma, Inc now in control of DWR?  We all know Williams-Sonoma, Inc owns West Elm and Pottery Barn but DWR too?  Notice the unique power of photoshop; take a closer look at both photographs and spot the differences/errors: left image: bottom of Bougainvillea.  We know a Bougainvillea is a though plant but they don't grow through patio pavers.  This must be a very unique plant since it has also managed to outrun its own shadow (the lounge chair was not so lucky).  Notice some other differences: West Elms image shows the same Bougainvillea but it has been given some really super powered Miracle-Gro.  Never the less, beautiful collection and catalog.      


maria said…
The power of photoshop - everything is possible these days, lol!