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Glass Blocks by Alessandro Mendini

These glass blocks just blew us away with their incredible colors! Now, if we could only find a new wall to construct! Or, wouldn't it be nice to construct an entire modernist glass house with these jewels! The Mendini glass block collection was designed by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini. Each block is handcrafted by Seves in Florence Italy. There are 16 colors in the Mendini glass block range. This wonderful range of modern glass blocks was inspired by nature and conceived to introduce new visual nuances and sensations in contemporary home interiors. According to its creators, the "Mendini Collection", with its shiny and youthful colors, has been designed to enable glass blocks to generate chromatic and figurative arrangements suited for elegant and refined combinations. The color alphabet of the Mendini Collection gives individually chosen colors, and their relationships and variations, the possibility to create endless chessboards of variants, from single colours up to kaleidoscopic effects. So far, sensuality, conceptuality, symbolism, hedonism and emotions are parameters that have been missing from the geometric language of glass blocks.

The Mendini collection opens up new poetic horizons that architects have not been taken into account so far. However, they are now available and they are truly fascinating. New sparkling presences like sapphires, topazes, amber and ruby. And it is because of this rich appeal of nature that each colour in this new collection has been given the expressive name of a precious stone.

Seves Mendini glass block collection available in the USA through: