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Office: Then and Now

Office: Then and Now. Which one do you prefer?

Office Prehistoric era (you really had to work for food)

Office Agricultural era (not a petting zoo)

Office Industrial Revolution era (no jokes allowed)

Office late 19th Century (not for the faint of heart)

Office 1930's (swiss clockwork on steroids)

Office 1940's (the dawn of the computer is upon us)

Office 1950's (perfectly balanced Piet Mondrian composition)

Office 1970's (looks like a set of 'That 70's Show')

Office 1980's (big hairdoes and shoulder pads for women)

Office late 1980's (Gorden Gekko's Wall Street)

Office 1988 (the come back kid; leading the way to the end of "beige" computers)

Office 1990s & now (office goes mobile)