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Cat Food Bowl

Alessi Trigito Cat Food bowl

Stop hiding your cat bowls in that corner; don't make your cat a second class citizen when eating. Be proud to show off these super modern Italian design bowls. Cute kittens deserve a cute food bowl just like you you! The Trigrito Cat Bowl was designed by Miriam Mirri for Alessi in Italy. A playful and fun pet bowl for our feline friends. The best part, you will love it as much or perhaps even more than your cat does! Super convenient; you can use on bowl for food and the other one for water. After your cat is done, simply place the stainless-steel inner dishes in the dishwasher and you are done. And it is not just convenient, this cat food bowl really looks great and it will compliment your no-doubt stylish home. Applying new, fun designs to everyday household items, Alessi has done it again with this attractive pet food dish. The Alessi Trigito Cat Food Bowl is available through nova68.com, a place where sophisticated dog & cat lovers and the pampered come to "sniff out" the best of the best for your pet.

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