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Brazilian Modernist Design

The Bienal Brasileira de Design in Curitiba Brazil has an interesting exhibit on Brazilian mid century modern design.  The yellow microcar and the yellow phone booth are by far our favorites.

This exhibit retrieves the history of the first design biennials organized in Brazil. In Rio, the International Design Biennial had three editions, in 1968, 1970 and 1972, which were organized by the Industrial Design Institute (IDI). They used the wonderfully beautiful building of the Modern Art Museum, which had just been inaugurated, and made clear what potential design had in a developing country.

In Curitiba, Professor Ivens Fontoura headed two editions of the Brazilian Design Biennial, in 1990 and 1992. Using a reference system that ensured the participation of the whole national design community in the selection of works to be exhibited, these editions presented a diversified panorama of design in many areas of specialty. All the works exhibited had excellent repercussion among public and critics and contributed to disseminating a design culture in our country.