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Art by Torsten Jovinge

Torsten Jovinge's "View over the Vasa bridge" 1933

If you like modern art and you fancy the Sacramento River Delta paintings by Wayne Thiebaud, you should do a google search for the Swedish artist Torsten Jovinge, an almost forgotten master of modern art, with an incredible talent that often matched or surpassed the work by Gino Severini, Giorgio de Chirico and Georges Braque in our opinion. Torsten Jovinge was Sweden's foremost arbiter of taste in the early 20th century but after his tragic death at the age of 38, he was simply forgotten by the international art scene, a tragedy in its own way. Torsten Jovinge's modernist works display such a wonderful color composition.  Take for example "View over the Vasa bridge" (above) which he painted in 1933.  Truly amazing.  Unfortunately Torsten Jovinge's career came to a dramatic end when he was fatally stabbed in Seville Spain at the early age of 38 years. It appears to be a mystery what exactly happened to him in Seville in 1936. Since his last works date to 1936 his works are limited and true collectors pieces, although he remains largely unknown to the art world outside Scandinavia, which is another mystery to us (MoMA and SFMoMA, I am sure you reading this post so please give this guy the recognition he deserves).

Torsten Jovinge's "Kvarted Bergsund" 1931

Torsten Jovinge's "Stadshuset från Centralpalatset" 1933

Torsten Jovinge's "Cannes sur Mer" 1927

Torsten Jovinge's "Kvarteret Marmorn" 1933

Image Credits: Bukowskis, Stockholms Auktionsverk, Wikimedia


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