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Op Art 1972

Brim Two is a head spinning Op Art work by Polish-born Julian Stañczak from 1972.

Julian Stañczak studied with Josef Albers and Conrad Marca Relli at Yale University. Stañczak was the first of the ‘Op Artists’ to use undulating lines to create form and movement in his works. After earning his MFA in Painting from Yale in 1956, the artist exhibited his new Optical Paintings in 1964 in his first solo show at the Martha Jackson Gallery in New York, "Julian Staňczak: Optical Paintings"—followed by his inclusion with the British painter, Bridget Riley, and Hungarian Victor Vasarely—in the 1964 landmark international exhibition of the new art movement at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, entitled "The Responsive Eye". Julian Stañczak is known for by his use of repetitive imagery that vibrates across the picture plane. The artist currently lives and works in the Midwest, USA.

Julian Staňczak's work can be seen in museum collections around the world including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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Here is another mind bending work of art by Julian Stañczak:

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