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Greens Restaurant San Francisco

This may look like the cover of James Last's Biscaya but it was actually taken in San Francisco at our favorite vegetarian restaurant: Greens Restaurant.  If you are a party of four, make sure to ask for the little known secluded private room which is in the left corner (which happens to be the spot where we took this amazing photograph). Good food, nice views, what more could you wish for.

Greens Restaurant is located in a converted warehouse at historic Fort Mason of San Francisco. Greens Restaurant was a pioneer in establishing vegetarian cuisine in the United States. In the 1960's and 1970's, vegetarian restaurants were mostly small out-of-the way cafés. There was no high profile vegetarian restaurant in the United States. Greens changed that by raising the bar, by placing vegetarian cuisine on a level with other fine dining restaurants.

Greens Restaurant