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Beach Photography of the 1970s

Lovers of color art photography and suntanned bodies of the 1970s (we know you exist) take notice.  Carlos Pérez Siquier started working for a Spanish bank after his art academy studies in the late 1920s.  He was passionate about photography from a young ago however so he became a freelance photographer for the Spanish Tourism Office.  His remarkable photographs of beaches and its tourists received immediate attention in Spain and beyond.  Carlos Pérez Siquier experienced the change in Spanish tourism and he remembers the once empty beaches of the early 1950s which only featured an occasional fisherman or black-clad Spanish widow.  By the 1960s these once peaceful beaches were suddenly transformed into overcrowded and overbuilt tourist destinations.  He not-so-fondly described the new invasion of tourists from the Netherlands, England and German as the "Barbarians of the North" with their big white red washed-up bodies.  Once in a while, someone would notice him taking pictures and would throw sand at him.  But he returned undeterred time after time.  Every Sunday he strolled the beaches and took pictures of the unassuming flock of blob.  A ritual which he did every Sunday for 10 years from 1970 until 1980.