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Photography by Imogen Cunningham

Swimming Pool, Mills College, Photographed in late 1960s

Navajo Rug, Photographed in 1968

Her and Her Shadow, Photographed in 1931

Magnolia Blossom, Photographed 1925, Printed late 1960s early 1970s

Flowering Cactus, Photographed in 1930
Ruth Asawa's New Expression with Metal, Photographed in 1963

Dance 3, Cornish School, Photographed in 1935

Imogen Cunningham was the quintessential American woman photographer of the twentieth century and an artist whose expansive vision created many great icons of photographic history. From her start in photography at the University of Washington in Seattle about 1906 to her death in San Francisco in 1976, she devoted her life to the pursuit of her craft, participating in many of the trends and developments of half of the history of this scientific art. Her best known signature images were made between 1920 and 1940, an exciting period of modernist imagery in America.