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Industrial Design Magazine

Industrial Design Magazine #2 from 1954

Fans of industrial- and graphic design will find much joy in the early issues of Industrial Design magazine which were published by Whitney Publications starting from 1954.  Industrial Design was published under the art direction of Alvin Lustig.  Industrial Design magazine celebrated all the best of modern American industrial design.  Included were many examples of furniture, ceramics, housewares, appliances, automobiles, buildings,  radios, projectors, televisions and many other objects designed for the burgeoning postwar middle class. This magazine stands as one of the high points of Alvin Lustig’s career. Lustig served as Art Director for the first three issues of this magazine. His cover and  interior layouts rate as some of the strongest work of his career. Lustig is known for his expertise in virtually all the design disciplines, which he seamlessly integrated into his life. He designed record albums, magazines (notably the format and some covers of Industrial Design), advertisements, commercial catalogs, annual reports and office spaces and textiles.  Note the wonderful composition in the manner of "De Stijl" which blends the wheel of a classic Leica camera with a tractor.  Industrial design at its finest.

Issues are hard to find but we found this one on eBay.