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Graphic Design by Franco Grignani

Franco Grignani (1908-1999) was one of the leading Italian forces in optical graphic design. He is perhaps best remembered for the Pure Wool logo he designed in 1964:

Franco Grignani studied architecture in Turin and participated in the Second Futurism movement. This movement had a close relationship with Abstract and Geometric Constructivsm. Franco Grignani conducted analytical research through pictorial means and photograph. His work was directed towards the study of perceptual processes experimenting with photograms, photomontages and overlays.

Among the various holdings are reminded that in 1972 the XXXVI Venice Biennale , where he designed the section of graphical test. Grignani claimed numerous private and public exhibitions worldwide, and attended the first conference on human communication: the Vision 65 . His works are preserved in some of the most important museums of international and national as the MOMA in New York , the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam , the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington in London and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw . The international fame came in large part on its production in the design graphics . Surely one of the best known works to the public is the project for the brand of Pure Wool (International Wool Society) conducted in 1964 but also the advertisements for pharmaceutical Dompè and for the publisher Alfieri & Lacroix .

Franco Grignani