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World's Most Expensive Diamond

If you work for Goldman Sachs & Co and your last name ends in Blankfein you may consider this a perfect opportunity to give some credit to your spouse for all the stress she endured.  So if you are one of the last tycoons standing with plenty of money to blow, here is your chance before Congress can take it away.  Surprise your loved one with something more unique than a Lexus with a Red Bow.  This may not be 'the' most expensive diamond ring, but hey, it comes close.  This double rock has a high estimate of $6,871,575.00 (that is $6 million dollars).  This one-of-a-kind internally flawless ring was designed by Alexandre Reza, the celebrated Paris-based jeweler.  During his career, which spanned four decades, he assembled one of the largest, most diverse and precious collections of gems in the world.  This ring is one of the highlights from his creations.

Of cross over design, set with a fancy vivid blue pear-shaped diamond weighing 5.02 carats and a pear-shaped diamond weighing 5.42 carats, to a platinum mount, size 52, signed A. Reza, French assay and maker's marks.

Of course, you can always buy some nice flowers for your girl which may very well make her 'just as happy'.  At least, if she's the right kind of girl your mother told you about. 

Sotheby's in Geneva Switzerland has the sale on May 11th, 2010.