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Standard Station by Ed Ruscha

Standard Station by Ed Ruscha, 1966.

One of the more impressive works in the history of modern art is Ed Ruscha's Standard Station which he created in 1966. Standard Station was based on the minimal modern architecture of the classic gas stations of yesteryear (in this case by Chevron). At a Bonhams & Butterfields fine prints auction held simultaneously in Los Angeles and San Francisco in November of 2009, Standard Station fetched the highest price ever paid at auction for a print by the artist Edward Ruscha. The work, produced in 1966, depicts a 1960s-style Standard Oil gas station in bright red, orange, and blue hues. The image displays the bold use of color and the dramatic angles that characterize Ed Ruscha’s Pop Art style. Standard Station had a presale estimate price of $30,000 to $40,000 so his prices are definitely in a speedy upward elevator.