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The de Tomaso Pantera

de Tomaso 

The de Tomaso Pantera was quite the car. As you can see your $10K went a lot further in 1971. And Ford certainly had style on it's mind, more than it does today. At the time de Tomaso Pantera was released, the cost was only $10,000.00.

In Italy, men build cars with passion. One of them is Alejandro de Tomaso. And this is his car. Pantera. Conceived without compromise. A car so beautifully built (it is virtually hand made) there will only be 2,500 made the first year (1971). Mid-engined like a racing car. An ultra-high-peformance sports coupe that stands a little higher than the average man's belt buckle, it seats two (and only two) and it's priced in the neighborhoud of $10,000.

Clearly, Ford isn't interested to supply "the few" any longer.