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Art at the Roy Lichtenstein Studio

Step back in time and enjoy a visit with Roy Lichtenstein in 1963.

A rare glimpse in the Roy Lichtenstein studio in 1963 as photographed by John Leongard for Life. Interesting to see how Roy Lichtenstein created his art. Some of the pictured works have not seen the light of day ever since they have been in private collections including the "Woman with Flowered Hat" which was based on the cubist work by Pablo Picasso. Don't you just wish you had a time machine now and could hit "1963", walk into his studio with a suitcase full of money, and walk out with all these icons?

Roy Lichtenstein used a projector to project images on white canvas. He traced the projections on the white canvas. A metal raster with small holes, a tooth brush and paint was all he needed. Incredible.

Picasso's always been such a huge influence that I thought when I started the cartoon paintings that I was getting away from Picasso, and even my cartoons of Picasso were done almost to rid myself of his influence. I don't think that I'm over his influence but they probably don't look like Picassos; Picasso himself would probably have thrown up looking at my pictures. - Roy Lichtenstein.

Thanks for your legacy Roy, we sure miss you!

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