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The Sand Pail Book by Dick Martin

The Sand Pail Book (About Baskets, Boxes, and Other Places to Put Things) by Dick Martin (1927-1990) was published by Golden Press in 1964. These wonderful Golden Press children's books were sold for $29 in 1964!

The drawings and text are by the hand of American illustrator Dick Martin. Golden Press sure made an effort to make these books appealing since each title (they published hundreds) featured a special (and I am sure expensive) die-cut in the shape of the illustration on the front page (in this case the shape of a sand bucket). Also, these are not laser-scanned copies like too many of today's children's books. These books were made with a quality Heidelberg-type 1960's lithographic printing dinosaur which provided a color that cannot be paralleled by todays scanners.

We are totally in love with the super vibrant and incredibly beautiful illustrations of The Sand Pail Book. Again, makes you wonder why these "works of art" are forgotten? This book has been out of print for many decades and is too hard to find. Every child should be able to enjoy this so this is a call to all publishers, re-release this title (and dust-off your Heidelbergs)!

Dick Martin, wherever you are, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
You were a genius.

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