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Jan Schoonhoven Art

Jan Schoonhoven Weißes Strukturrelief R 62-1, 1962
Painted papier-maché on wood

Jan Schoonhoven Relief R 69-1, 1969
Painted papier-maché on wood

Truly remarkable works by a man which was employed as a postal office employee in the Netherlands. In the 1950s Jan Schoonhoven began to make drawings and paintings of a tachiste character, followed from 1957 by reliefs in papier-mach-23, at first colored and with an organic, irregular structure. Jan Schoonhoven was a member of the Dutch 'informel' group 1957-60, then of the Nul group with Armando, Henderikse and Peeters 1960-5. Jan Schoonhoven also collaborated with the German Zero group during the 1960's. Jan Schoonhoven worked almost exclusively with white reliefs of a geometrical structure during the late 1960's and early 1970's. The above example 'Relief R 69-1' is one of his later white reliefs.