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Christkindles Kinder Punsch

We absolutely love the label art of this Christkindles Kinder Punsch bottle produced by Weinkellerei GMBH in Nurnberg Germany. Based on the style, this must have been designed during the early 1980's. Thank goodness, Christkindles Kinder Punsch has not updated their labels over the last 25 years so we can still enjoy this very unique German beverage with its unique label.

Christkindles Kinder Punsch is a German Winterdrink. It is a ready-to-serve Spice Drink, which is ideally suited for the holiday and cold winter months. Can be served to children as it contains No Alcohol. Adults may add wine to their drink as desired and to add a little extra warmth to a chilly night. This is the best known of all warm drinks served in the ski regions of Bavaria and the Alps. Also called a "Christmas Drink", it is made with special spices to give it a distinctive taste and aroma of Glühwein.

Christkindles Kinder Punsch is rather hard to find in the US but World Market brings it in from Germany around December every year. Not all locations have it so call before you visit them.