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Book of Cities by Piero Ventura

Book of Cities by Piero Ventura
Anatomy of a classic: a rather unknown (current Amazon.com Sales Rank: #498,546 in Books) but brilliant gem: 'Book of Cities' by the Italian illustrator Piero Ventura. An absolutely amazing cultural feast for the eyes for young and old. Easy to read as well with good-flowing text. This fantastic children's book was first published in 1972.

New York City, Central Park

The "Book of Cities" features the most amazing illustrations and text we have ever seen. Travel the world's greatest cities from the comfort of your home. Piero Ventura takes you a fun and cultural trip around the world. We visit the bustling cities of Amsterdam, London, Rome, Paris, Kyoto, Hong Kong, Moscow and many more. Delight in each city as you look for the London policeman holding up traffic, children shoveling the heavy snow of the side streets in Moscow, clerks waiting on customers in a huge Parisian department store, or the steam rising from the Chinese food cooking on a tiny houseboat in Hong Kong. The finely drawn illustrations and humorous details in Book of Cities are a celebration of the many ways people live, work, travel, and have fun in the major cities of the world.

Venice, Italy

Most of these illustrations were created between in the early 1970's and feature intricate colorful and interesting details (New York Subway still shows Graffiti for example). This is a great heirloom quality book and a must have for people who appreciate beautifully illustrated books.

Rizzoli - Universe recently re-published this long out of print title and is now available again through
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